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Welcome to The Master Guild Of Window Cleaners


The Master Guild of Window Cleaners is a non-profit organisation founded by window cleaners, for window cleaners.

The Guild is not a trade association, but rather a community based professional support group. The Guild is run and maintained on a voluntary basis.

The Guild aims to benefit cleaners and their clients alike, by raising standards, improving work practices, ensuring its members are adequately insured and always aware of the health and safety challenges that face them


It is the aim of the Master Guild of Window Cleaners to:

•      Promote improved working practices and conditions for all window cleaners.
•      To promote professional conduct by our members at all times.
•      To ensure that our members are adequately insured for your protection.
•      To help customers make a better choice when choosing a cleaner.
•      To promote higher standards of health and safety.
•      To provide information and help to window cleaners.
•      To furnish new and up to date cleaning and safety methods to our members.
•      To highlight the need for cleaners to adapt to economic and architectural challenges.
•      To promote the need to exceed our customers expectations.
•      To raise standards within the industry.



Window Cleaning

Guild member John cleaning a school using the "Water Fed Pole" method. logo


Q. What is a Guild?

A. A Guild is an association of people with similar interests or pursuits.

Q. Is the Master Guild of Window Cleaners a trade association?

A. No. Trade associations are governed by complex and restrictive legislation in many countries, and it is therefore near impossible to have a single trade association that can work on an international level. A Guild is a more informal association (or club), which can work freely with members from all over the globe.

Q. How is the Guild run?

A. The Guild is run by window cleaners, for the benefit of window cleaners. All work is done on a voluntary basis, and is unpaid.

Q. Why are the member fee's so low?

A. The Guild was designed from the very beginning to run at the lowest possible cost to its members. The Guild does not have a dedicated call center, or offices. As much communication as possible is carried out via e-mail to reduce phone costs, and the admin staff work on a voluntary basis.

Q. Who does the day to day work running the Guild?

A. The Guild admin core team consists of voluntary members who are long established window cleaners and are well known moderators/admin on various window cleaning forums. A "meet the admin" page will be posted shortly with a short biography and more info about each member of the team.

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